How it works

Easy working with this Website. Tips & Trics.

1) - Enlarge your screen view by pressing Ctrl and + (reducing = Ctrl and - )

2) - Choose in the left column, the desired country, or (on a tablet or handy)

      type in Product search the country name.

      You can also click on the second block of 'stripes' in the blue ribbon (left on top)

3) - Click on the Flag of the desired country.

4) - For more details of a specific banknote, click on 'Details'.

5) - to return to the other banknotes of the same country, click on the Country name

       in the blue ribbon.

6) - You can change the displayed currency into your own choice by using the button 

       on top (Currency)

7) - For ordering: click on 'Add to cart' - fill in quantity (Minimum order value is €. 10.--)

       Register your self or log in.

8) - You can also check out as a guest. Fill in your billing/delivery address.

9) - When using the 5 % IBNS member discount, fill in IBNS and click on the +

10 - The shipping cost depend on the country and the weight of the shipment.

       For orders above €.100,- , choose International -shipment. This shipment is  

       registered (Track & Trace)
and insured till €. 500,- . Orders above €.500,-- have FREE shipment